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[ft-l] the pink tutu and the raffle

first, let me say, i got married a couple of weeks ago and was HONORED to
have solar bear there clad in the pink tutu; gold lamé at the waistband.
as it turns out,  he is in as many of the photographs as i am   : )

i had not planned to be at the conference this year but was asked to come
down to attend an afternoon meeting, which i did.  since i was there, i
awaited the raffle for hours with $20 of raffle tickets, only to finally
have to leave for the two hour ride home. it seemed to me that it would go
on all night, starting last and combined with an auction.  had i known
about the auction, i would not have planned on staying for the raffle.  i
remember silent auctions at past conferences, but never combining a live
auction with the raffle.  anyway,  my thanks to dear elizabeth for taking
over those tickets for me and i did not win the swing, yet again.  i wil
keep trying.