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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

I agree with the Raffle throughout the day.  The prizes can be divided up 
into several groups and raffles can be "drawn" every few hours (like noon, 2, 
and 4 pm) with tickets sold throughout the day.  Then save some of the bigger 
items for the evening.  Waiting that long to listen to Eb and Jan just wasn't 
fair to them as well as to the confrence goers..  

I didnt attend any of the meals since i registered late.  

The programs, as always, were excellent.  Maybe a little too much though,  it 
seemed everyone wsa always rushing off to attend this or that and I didnt get 
too much time during the day to visit people from around the state.  Although 
the hospitality tent more than made up for that in the evening..

Happy Trails..


p.s.  hey Pam,  look I'm keeping my promise!  :)

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