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[ft-l] American Hiking Society's PAPERLESS TRAIL -- July 2001

FYI from the American Hiking Society.  Florida State Park's Director, Fran
Mainella, named as Director of the National Park Service.  See below.



Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 942-9376 (w)
(850) 942-9378 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160

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American Hiking Society's PAPERLESS TRAIL for July 2001 includes:
1. AHS Awards - Nominations, please
2. Welcome to new National Park Service Director
3. Are you on the Cutting Edge?
4. Speak your Mind
5. Join the Club!
6. Paperless Trail Info

1***** Nominations, please *****1

Nominate a deserving volunteer or staff person for one of American Hiking
Society's nine prestigious awards. These awards recognize deserving
individuals, organizations and businesses - all devoted to establishing,
protecting and maintaining foot trails in America.

HURRY! Nominations are due by August 30th.


2***** Welcome *****2

The U.S. Senate confirmed Fran P. Mainella as the Director of the National
Park Service on July 12th.  Ms. Mainella has more than 30 years of
experience in the park management and recreation field, primarily in the
state of Florida. She becomes the 16th Director of the National Park
and the first woman to head the 85-year-old agency.

3***** Volunteer Vacations *****3

Cutting edge, building a bridge, blazing a new trail - all on a Volunteer
Vacation! Upcoming trail work trips are scheduled in Vermont, Texas,
Arkansas and Arizona Help us save the trails!


4***** What's Your Opinion? *****4

What do you feel are the biggest threats to footpaths in America?  Please
take a moment to tell us about issues affecting the trails in your area.


5***** Join the Club! *****5

If your local hiking group is not a member of the AHS Alliance of Hiking
Organizations urge them to sign on.  A strong national trails network is
dependent on local support.  Membership to the Alliance makes your club
eligible for grants from the National Trails Endowment, connects your group
to a national network of local clubs and unites your group nationally to
form a strong voice for trail friendly policy.


6***** Paperless Trail Info *****6

You are receiving this email as a benefit of your membership in American
Hiking Society. You will receive one email update per month, containing
notifications of new or upcoming American Hiking Society programs.  If you
do not wish to receive this email, simply reply and type "unsubscribe AHS
members-only update."

American Hiking Society
1422 Fenwick Lane
Silver Spring MD 20910
Tel (301) 565-6704

And now, a word from our sponsors:
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GALYAN'S and BACKPACKER. Federal agency sponsors include USDA Forest
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