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[ft-l] Saturday - Bull Creek Work Hike

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> The Friends of Bull Creek are joining the Florida Trail Association to do some
> trail maintenance in Bull Creek this Saturday.  The FOBC folks are eager to
> help, many in number, and untrained in the fine art of trail maintenance.
> We'd dearly love to have some experienced FTA trail workers help us to manage
> the work groups.  Depending on the total number of workers, we're prepared to 
> everything from pruning and blazing to mowing and major deadfall removal.  If
> you can join us, please meet us at the hunt camp near the WMA entrance this
> Saturday, 4 August, at 8:00 am.  Bring plenty of water to drink, sun, rain and
> bug protection, and the usual trail maintenance accoutrements.  Because it's
> summer and we'll have a lot of first-time trail workers, I plan to keep the 
> to a half-day, done by noon unless a Tstorm chases us away earlier.
> Friends of Bull Creek is a coalition of user groups who have joined together 
> try to make Bull Creek a great place for everyone to enjoy.  Come see what 
> inter-group cooperation can accomplish.
> If you think you can help or you need more info, please email my home address
> with your phone number and I'll get in touch to discuss.
> ~Pam Hale
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