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[ft-l] Hot hiking (was] Hiking proposed trail in Ocala)

I don't do much different in the summer for day hiking, except carry lots of
water.  I do have a hydration unit for my day pack.  I didn't buy one of
those fancy packs, just added the Gregory Hydrocell to my day pack.  But I
also stick extra water/ade bottles in my fanny pack if I'm using that.  And
carry extra in the car.

Shoes (trail runners or boots depending on terrain), bug spray (lots of it
and lots of DEET in it) is same as for anytime in Florida.

For day hiking in summer I'll risk a cotton tee-shirt.  I know I'll only be
wearing it the one day and if it rains the risk of hypothermia is very low.
Other clothing and for overnight camping and other times of year my choice
is synthetic.  Just got some long pants and shorts made from Sportif's new
SPF nylon.  I like them.


> I for one would like to read your comments (or
> anyone on the list) on what special preparations you make for hot weather
> hiking. For instance, do you carry one of those water backpacks? What
> about clothing tips? Bug spray? Do you wear the same kind of shoes as for
> cooler weather hiking?
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
> John Wakefield
> Clay County