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[ft-l] Most convenient point from Orlando airport


                 I sent your brother a message earlier today. He is welcome
to join us in Okeechobee which is 2 hours south of Orlando. The best place
by taxi is probably where the trail crosses Hwy 50 in Christmas about 15
miles east of Orlando.

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Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001 11:43 PM
Subject: [ft-l] Most convenient point from Orlando airport

>Hi folks,
>My older brother is currently hiking all the way
>from Cap De Gaspe (Canada) to Key West.
>Some of us are planning on flying down to Orlando,
>meet up with him and then hike together for sometime.
>Can anyone point out convenient points in the
>Florida Scenic Trail that are most accessible
>from Orlando airport ? We are planning on flying
>into Orlando and getting a taxi to the trail.
>I would really appreciate this information.
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