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[ft-l] Hiking in april

I am in the planning phase of a hike of 130 miles give or take a mile. I  
would like to begin my hike at the beginning of section 21 West around CR14 
and end at the western end of Appalachicola West. I am driving down from Ma 
leaving hopefully on April 1 in the evening. I am looking for a safe place to 
park my Jeep at the western end of Appalachicola. I also need to work out a 
ride to the beginning of my hike. Any help anyone can give would be greatly 
appreciated. I am working on calling various numbers I have found to organize 
shuttles to and from the trailheads and welcome any thoughts and information 
anyone can give. I also welcome anyone who wants to join me in part of my 
   Thanks in advance
    George Wells Jr

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