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[ft-l] Outfitters & Danner Boots

Not all Danner's are lightweight. I have a pair of Expedition II's that are
definitely in the heavyweight category. But I wouldn't do without them in
the winter. I also wear Danner Radical 45's on a daily basis. They ARE

Danner's reputation is one of extreme durability and high quality. They are
not for everybody. Fit can be a big issue with Danner. You need to go to a
professional outfitter and let them help you with them. Failure to do so
will result in a boot that will give you blisters guaranteed. Danner boots
are not as forgiving as say, Vasque.

Lee I Joe

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> I wore Danner's for several years. I particularly liked the
> Danner Light
> Hikers (or something like that).  Nylon boot with leather
> reinforcement.
> Only reason I stopped wearing them is my feet changed after
> the AT and they
> didn't really fit anymore.  Nice quality and manufacturing
> detail.  If you
> can find a pair that fit, I think you will be pleased.
> Cricket
> >
> > BTW, anybody have feedback on Danner Boots. Looked good and
> light weight.
> > Did not have my size in stock the day I visited or I would
> have bought a
> > pair.
> >
> > Bill in the keys
> >
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