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[ft-l] Outfitters & Danner Boots

I'm taking my Boy Scout son, 12 years old wearing size
11.5 men's shoes, to get his first pair of hiking
boots.  He recently wore my Vasque Sundowners with
three pair of socks on a family hike and a girl said
something to him about them.  So there you go!

We'll be backpacking a lot in the next few months, so
he needs good support.  However, it will be flat
walking on Cumberland Island and the FT.  Can I find
appropriate support in a Sports Unlimited or even a
dept store?  I know he'll say yeah it feels fine if it
"looks cool".

I do have a Black Creek Trading Post near by too.  I
just don't want him falling in love with +$200 boots
he wears three times then outgrows.

Scout Daddy

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Not all Danner's are lightweight. I have a pair of
Expedition II's that are
definitely in the heavyweight category. But I wouldn't
do without them in
the winter. I also wear Danner Radical 45's on a daily
basis. They ARE

Danner's reputation is one of extreme durability and
high quality. They are
not for everybody. Fit can be a big issue with Danner.
You need to go to a
professional outfitter and let them help you with
them. Failure to do so
will result in a boot that will give you blisters
guaranteed. Danner boots
are not as forgiving as say, Vasque.

Lee I Joe