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[ft-l] Re: Hiking Across Big Cypress

I would be interested in doing this hike.

I was planning on doing the section between I-75 and Lake Ockeechobee
towards the end of January, but unless I can get it together, I may not make
the timeline to get permission to cross the reservation. BTW, once you get
up on the dikes I do not see any designated camping areas. Are you allowed
to just set camp anywhere?

Bill in the Keys

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> Bill in the Keys asked about water levels on the trail in Big Cypress.
> Jo Jo reports that most of the trail from Loop Road to Oasis, on
> 13 Dec, was
> 6-15 inches deep and about 2 feet deep in one area.
> In mid-January the trail from Oasis to I-75 will still have lots
> of places
> with over 6 inches of water and maybe 2 feet or more in a few
> cypress heads.
> We have an FTA hike scheduled for 8-10 March from I-75 to Oasis.
> It should
> be mostly dry by then.  Any FTA member who is interested can
> contact me for
> more information.
> Chuck
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