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[ft-l] Hike report (Orlando to Okeechobee)

Thanks for the info.

Yes, these are exactly the snakes that we saw.


--- Cricket <D_Blick@email.msn.com> wrote:
> I'm pretty sure the snakes you saw were yellow rat
> snakes.  Check out the
> photos at
> and
> and
> see if they look like the ones you saw.
> Yellow rat snakes have two phases - yellow and red. 
> They can be quite
> large, I've seen them up to about 6 feet long and
> 2-3 inches around.  They
> are pretty common in the woods of Florida.  They can
> be found east of the
> Mississippi River and south from about North
> Carolina. They are good
> climbers and can swim.  They also make good pets, if
> you are into that sort
> of thing.  :-)
> They are usually a pale, glistening yellow or golden
> brown with 4 black or
> dark brown stripes - 2 on the back and 1 on either
> side.  During their red
> phase they are shiny brick red in color and
> particularly beautiful.  They
> are constricting snakes and feed primarly on live
> prey - birds, small
> squirrels, mice and rats. They are wonderful snakes
> and help control the
> rodent population.
> Cricket

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