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Re: [ft-l] Hiking the FT

The Florida National Scenic Trail within the Appalachicola National Forest
is open to the general public year round.  The only restrictions involve
camping during general gun hunting season - November 23 through 26 and
December 9 through January 31.  During that time camping is restricted to FS
designated campsites, of which there are quite a few. At any other time you
can camp anywhere within the forest and at all times the trail is open to
hiking.  This is true of all three of the national forests in Florida.
Outside of general gun hunting season, about the only thing you need to be
concerned about is checking the fire danger level at the local district
ranger office.  When the fire danger level is high, open fires may be

In general, restrictions on trail access is limited to private lands and to
some state forest and state water management land during hunting seasons.
To access the trail on most private property you must be a Florida Trail
Assn member. A few private property owners have even stricter requirements -
such as limiting the number of hikers or prohibiting camping, etc.

Have fun in Apalachicola.


> I'm new to the list, and new to backpacking as well. I only recently
> learned that the FT exists, even though I live just a few miles from it.
> I'm interested in hiking the section in the Apalachicola National Forest
> a way to get some backpacking experience, and I was wondering if there are
> any restrictions or rules that I need to know about.
> Erskine Fincher

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