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Re: [ft-l] Florida Trail thru-hikers

I would also point out that NST designation is really about protection of a
trail from development and the public's right of access.  NST designation
does not guarantee that the designated route is actually "scenic".  Even
today there are sections on the AT which could not be called "scenic" by any
measure, but all but a few miles of the trail ARE federally protected and
all of the AT IS open to the public 365 days a year.  The creation of a
"scenic" trail that adds up to a quality hiking experience is up to us - the
maintainers and hikers.  This will be an on-going job that will probably
continue long after all of the FT is actually designated NST.

Deb Blick

> >
>> "As it now exists the NST designation is really not deserved."
> >
> I sure hope this is not a widely held opinion of those who care about the
> FNST.  If all trails had to meet the standard of "completion" before
> earning national scenic trail designation, Congress would only now be
> considering the AT for designation as a national scenic trail (Congress
> designated it and the Pacific Crest Trail 32 years ago and the FNST 17
> years ago).
> Kent L. Wimmer, AICP

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