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[ft-l] Fwded note

Fwded from kahley7@ptd.net

Jeff and all FT-Lers..

Ryan has been neck deep in work lately. I know
it's rough to be admin in name only.  I'm
in the same boat <g>.
Anyone can unsubscribe themselves by following the
directions in the faq on backcountry.net


If someone has followed those directions and are still getting mail,
it is usually because they are attempting to unsubscribe from
a different email than they used originally.

Directions for that are in the faq too.  You may be able to use
this approach to un-sub someone who is having trouble. It's a very
reliable system if you use follow the directions just right. Try it,
and if it doesn't work, e-me and I'll see what i can do.

You maybe interested to know that the backcountry.net site is being
reworked and the Florida Trail will be given much better coverage.

and as a personal aside, while egroups.com has it's good points,
since I signed up with a list there,  my spam count has jumped <UGH>.  I

know they say they don't sell the names but something sure happened.

Hang in... k

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