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[ft-l] Meteors!

Last night Jon Phipps & I drove down to the Three Lakes/Pararie Lakes area to 
join an impromptu camping/hiking/meteor viewing weekend Candy Bealor put 
together.  We had a great time, saw lots of meteors, and joined in some 
spirited conversation.  Even though we missed the hiking part because I'm 
recovering from foot surgery, just sitting in camp as the sun came up we saw 
bunnies playing, enjoyed a vibrant double rainbow, listened to the morning 
bird calls, watched a wild hog trot across the road, and took in the 
pink-tinged dawn.  

Even the weather decided to be "nice" and gifted us with a breeze and cooler 
than I expected temperatures.  (Cooler is a relative term in Florida.)

Thanks to Candy for a wonderful evening/morning.

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