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Re: [ft-l] black bears in Florida

> I talked with some of the FWC bear guys last year who are counting bears
> the Ocala for DOT (something to do with widening SR 40 into an expressway
> that was quashed because of the bear corridor).  Anyway, they do some
> amazing stuff.  Like CO2 crossbows shooting tanquilizer darts; the big,
> round, trailer-mounted traps; motion-activated cameras; and putting up
> small, low pens of barb-wire to collect hairs for DNA analysis which
> them to track each individual bear.  All of their traps and the pens are
> baited with dried corn and doughnuts.  They indicated that most bears
> the jelly-filled the best (just like Yogi), although some preferred
> or honey-glazed.  Guess if you want to attract them you have to offer them
> something they can't resist!
> If you want to learn more, I suggest you take the field trip that FS
> at the Florida Black Bear Festival, Sept 30 in Eustis.  Or maybe contact
> FFWCC and see if you can get one of their people to talk at a chapter
> meeting or conference.
> Cricket
> > Now that's really smart.  I thought we were trying to get the bears OFF
> the
> > people-food habit!  Guess it's better than baiting with goats...
> >
> > P
> >
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