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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

> I wanted to re-state the original idea of this hike before we get too far
> afield with it.  If we want to make changes that's fine, but here is the
> original idea so everyone can understand it and either accept or amend it.
> (Paraphrased from HATT since Pittsburgh explained it much better in fewer
> words than I could.  Thanks Pittsburgh.)
> On Presidents Day weekend 2001 individual hikers or small groups of hikers
> will each hike sections of the FT for which they have previously signed
> The hike will attempt to cover the entire 1300 mile Florida National
> Trail (designed or un-designated,"thru-trail") in that weekend.  At noon
> Saturday, Feb 17, 2001 teams of hikers ( "teams" means individuals,
> groups) will be positioned at specific locations along the entire Florida
> National Scenic Trail ( 2 teams at each location 40-60 trail miles
apart ).
> Handshakes will be exchanged, then one team will hike south, and the other
> team will hike north. 48 hours and 20-30 trail miles later, at noon on
> Monday Feb 19, 2000 new pairings of teams, that have hiked from opposite
> directions, will meet and exchange handshakes. In this manner, the entire
> trail will be hiked, with the touching of hands unifying the entire
> So that is the basic idea.  Times and mileage can be changed, I just stuck
> some in so you would get the idea.
> Cricket
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