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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT (long)

Thanks for the feedback!  "I" thought it was a good idea, but I wasn't sure
how others would feel about it, so I tried it out on y'all first before
mentioning it to anyone else.  I wasn't trying to limit it to this list and
agree that we need to get it out to the general membership, but I've found
this list of really interested FT workers and hikers to be a good place to
"float ideas."  I also think maybe the list can discuss and hammer out some
of the "how tos" before we present it to the general membership and public.

February - Florida Hiking Trails Month is a great idea - it had slipped my
mind for a moment.  The weather is usually nice then and it's after general
gun.  I think we need to come up with a three-day weekend however for people
who work, although if it's enough in advance I'm sure interested people who
are still working could arrange for a day off.

I'd love to have it in 2001 while everyone is all excited about it, but I'm
not sure we could pull it together by then with the requisite organization
and publicity.  For example, the deadline for the Sept/Oct Footprint is
already past.  The earliest we could get it in would be Nov/Dec issue and we
would have to have all the details hammered out by Sept 15 to make that

So, to start with I have a few detail questions to flesh out my vague idea.

We need a name for this.  Any ideas?

Do you think we could pull it together for 2001 or give a full year to set
it up and publicise and shoot for Jan/Feb 2002?

Should we take it to the Board of Directors and make it into an "FTA
sponsored" event or keep it informal and just run it among members who are

What dates can we come up with that will satisfy working and non-working
people and eliminate seasonally closed hiking areas?

Should we include the loop trails or just the thru trail?

Should it be a 2-day, 3-day or 4-day event?

How long should each section be?  (1300 miles/20 miles = 65 sections)

Should we have an alternate date in case of bad weather or would that be too
difficult to arrange?

Who wants to help out with organizing it?

Since I opened my big mouth first, I'm willing to handle general
communications via phone and email and help set up a webpage to keep track
of section sign ups.  Also I can work with the FTA office so they are kept
informed and can answer questions when people call.  I don't know the first
thing about handling publicity though and we could really use one or two
people to head up that part.  Also, people to divide up the trail into
appropriate sections.  Also, people to talk it up within their chapters and
other outdoor groups.  Also, people to come up with a logo.  Also, people to
coordinate purchase and distribution of patches/t-shirts/banadanas/whatever.
Other ideas?


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