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[ft-l] answers to crickets ?s...also long

I also think it is a grand idea.

The time element for 2001 is definintely a concern but not an impossibility. 
  Since I have already deleted your original email I don't remember the 
logic of a three day weekend other than the convenience of it.  Another 
possibility if we think about February for Florida Hiking Trails Month is 2 
or 3 or 4 consecutive weekends or Saturdays or Sundays.  Especially since it 
is a hiking MONTH as opposed to hiking day or hiking week.  There are other 
options to explore besides an all in one weekend thing.  I think...again I 
don't remember the rationale of the 3 day weekend other than we had them to 
work with.

[For example, the deadline for the Sept/Oct Footprint is already past.  The 
earliest we could get it in would be Nov/Dec issue and we would have to have 
all the details hammered out by Sept 15 to make that
issue.]  Oddly enough, we discussed this at our last Activity Leader's 
planning meeting.  Maybe I live in a dream world but it seems like that lead 
time is from the pre-computer publishing days and could be edited down 
considerably.  I am going to bring it up at our next ExComm meeting (Cracker 
Chapter) and see if we can't get our state representative (sorry if I have 
the titles and lingo incorrect) to take it to the next state meeting.  While 
it won't help us out right now with this project it still needs to be 

[We need a name for this.  Any ideas?]  I'm not too good with this part.  

[Do you think we could pull it together for 2001 or give a full year to set 
it up and publicise and shoot for Jan/Feb 2002?]  I actually do think we 
could do it for 2001.  There are arguments for both sides.  For 2002 would 
be the excellent planning.  For 2001 is that adrenline and excitement thing. 
  But I think if we want to do it we can.  I'll commit to it with you right 
now for whatever assistance you require.

[Should we take it to the Board of Directors and make it into an "FTA
sponsored" event or keep it informal and just run it among members who are 
interested?]  Ah, this may be the answer for the 2001 first run.  But it 
would be nice to make it official and maybe annual.

[What dates can we come up with that will satisfy working and non-working 
people and eliminate seasonally closed hiking areas?]  Maybe take an entire 
week in February?

[Should we include the loop trails or just the thru trail?]  It's a toss up.

[Should it be a 2-day, 3-day or 4-day event?]  See above about a week or 
consecutive Saturdays, etc.

[How long should each section be?  (1300 miles/20 miles = 65 sections)]  
I'll leave that to the hiking experts.  I'm a short distance kind of woman 
who knows her limits.

[Should we have an alternate date in case of bad weather or would that be 
too difficult to arrange?]  Nah.  One crummy day shouldn't deter the truly 
committed.  Hmmm...truly committed.  Sounds a bit scary.  Might be cold or 
rainy but it isn't hurricane season.

[Who wants to help out with organizing it?]  Me.

[Since I opened my big mouth first, I'm willing to handle general
communications via phone and email and help set up a webpage to keep track 
of section sign ups.  Also I can work with the FTA office so they are kept 
informed and can answer questions when people call.  I don't know the first 
thing about handling publicity though and we could really use one or two 
people to head up that part.  Also, people to divide up the trail into 
appropriate sections.  Also, people to talk it up within their chapters and 
other outdoor groups.  Also, people to come up with a logo.  Also, people to 
coordinate purchase and distribution of patches/t-shirts/banadanas/whatever.
Other ideas?]  Whew.  I'm tired just reading it.  Maybe someone will 
volunteer to co-ordinate those areas.  I'm not too artsy fartsy so no logo 
ideas here but I could handle purchase, distribution, etc. of whatever we 
come up with.  I'm a pretty well organized individual.  And I love project 
management so I'm pumped.

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