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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 20 - 3/11 to 3/12

Florida Trail Journal - Section 20

Beginning: SR 53 (Gilman-Foley formerly Buckeye Property)

End: US 221

Total Mileage: 26.0 Miles

Conditions: No camping in Gilman property. The first mile is not Gilman
property and camping is allowed. No designated sites. Section 20 is all
timber company pine forest and the FT follows company roads throughout.
Blazed (Winter 96-97) and maintained by the Suwannee Chapter FTA.


Saturday March 11, 2000

I'm aware that as I've been progressing North and now West that Spring has
been happening just in front of me. The bright light green of the bushes and
some trees, the new oak leaves as the old ones drop, azaleas and wild
flowers are blooming. Pretty sight. Up a little later today, but off in the
fog by 7:30, scarring up turkey and saw a deer. Main goal today is to find
water quickly. We've looked in a couple of ditches which were dry, but found
water about 4 miles from camp. Ah-h-h-! No more worries. Onward, it's
getting warm. Some of the sand roads have been graded and widened and we
missed a blaze. We walked about a mile out of our way before we discovered
our mistake. We checked maps and compass three times before discovering our
mistake. A critical blaze was covered up by growth. We are now about 1 1/2
hours behind "schedule". We've gotten a supply of water and the dark clouds
are rolling in. We managed about another 3 miles before sprinkles caused us
to stop and pitch tents. I'm inside first, but guess what, I've got some
leaking. I'm chasing puddles. I guess I need to seam-seal some edges. Oh
well! Rain dies but onerous dark clouds pass swiftly by blocking the sun's
rays which are still there at 5:30. We die manage dinner, but opted to
return to our tents. Again about 6:30. It will be a long night for me.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.


Sunday March 12, 2000

Up at 4AM to access the damage. Lots of wet things. I'm dry on top of my
sleeping pad, but tent, plastic sheeting, bottom of some items, space
blanket, pack cover, end of sleeping bag and both bandanas are wet. Decided
to sit up and have a cup of cocoa and wait for the sunlight. Drank the cocoa
and dozed in my chair for awhile. This will be a cool day as the cold front
has arrived. We did not get as far as we had hoped yesterday, so we face a
bit more today. Moving along as it is cold. Took 1'15'' at lunch near Lake
Bird Church Rd to dry out our gear. Got potable water from a house after
lunch and trudged on to our destination. Had thoughts of going 19/27 and
"hitching" to Perry, three and a half miles past 221. We camped at the
crossroads. More roads widened in this last section, more trees cut. We got
in at 4PM and set up camp. We've carried nearly a gallon of water everyday,
expecting the sites where we camp in to dry. In each case there has been
water nearby but the drought has made us cautious. There is water in a
culvert near the crossroads. It's getting cooler. Dinner and a fire. We're
having company: 2 pick-up trucks and a logging truck, talked with some nice
folks. Can't believe how cold it is away from the fire. We're headed in by
8:30PM and my teeth are chattering. I'm putting on almost all of my cloths,
doubling my socks, wearing my gloves and hat and covering the sleeping bag
with the space blanket. Off to sleep. I'm awakened feeling cold and turned
on my stove for warmth. My flashlights are getting cantankerous! One's
eating batteries and the other has very little light. Have had visitors, 2
in pick-up trucks, a couple large logging trucks. Pleasant conversation.
Getting cold. We've got a fire but opt for bed around 8:30. Pitched under a
tree. Getting colder. I've got on all my cloths under my 55 degree sleeping

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.

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