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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 21 - 3/13 to 3/15

Florida Trail Journal - Section 21
Foley-Aucilla River

Section 21 - Foley

Beginning: US 221

End: State Road 257 A (State Road 14)

Total Mileage: 21.7 Miles

Conditions: Coastal hammock and planted pines. All of this section is on
timber company roads. Blazing in this section may be faded or nonexistent
due to logging activity. Use a map and stay alert to changes in direction.

Section 21 West - Aucilla River

Beginning: State Road 257 A (State Road 14)

End: US 98 at Aucilla River

Total Mileage: 20.0 Miles

Conditions: Trail along riverbanks with sinks and rises south of Goose
Pasture Road. Sinks refers to where river goes underground and emerges into
pools. Trail sometimes uneven and slippery around limestone sinks. Shaded,
cool around river. Forest primeval.


Monday March 13, 2000

Awakened by the lights in my tent. Got up and found the bandana frozen.
Thermometer registers about 30 degrees. No wonder I felt cold. I had sat up
twice to light my lantern to warm myself. Packed up and on the way a little
later today. Do like getting up at 6AM when it's starting to get light.
We're across 19-27 and into a much "quieter" (as in no truck movement)
Section 21. Still carrying water. Econfina River and a nice quiet, longer
than usual lunch. Short day today. Our destination is near the wooden bridge
and we're there about 4:30, the walk has been well blazed at turns and some
more trees and less traffic signs on these roads. We move down a small side
road and pitch tents and make camp. Another nice fire but it's getting cold.
This time I'm in all my cloths with my jacket zipped and 2 pair of sox.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.


Tuesday March 14, 2000

Section 21 West Cold again - stove to heat me during the night. Up and at-em
by 6:10AM. Temperature registers 32 degrees this AM. Survived another cold
night. Funny thing is, during the day it gets very warm and you have to
"peel". Not too long and we're in the woods. Aucilla River for lunch. Good
to be in the forest again. In Section 21, which we just left, we saw
approximately 15 marks crossing the sand roads which appeared to be very
large snakes. We never did see a snake. This trail is very close to the
river which is very low at this year. We have opted to walk further than
planned and camp in an open area near the river and under oak trees.
Filtered water, cooked and built a small fire. Not as cold tonight but
cooling. Slept with all my cloths except my coat.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.


Wednesday March 15, 2000

Didn't get as cold last night, but still chilly. Been getting up at 6AM
because it's getting light, that means we're getting on the trail an hour
later. No problem since I've slept ok. We've reached Goose Pasture Road and
face the sinks. Trail moves back and forth near the sinks; some large, some
small, some long, some short. Met two fishermen with a boat at one of the
larger ones. Nice to see another face. The walk down Pal Hammock is Hot and
"peppered" with trucks. Another 2 miles and we've reached our destination at
2:30PM. Next item: find a way to treat my leaking tent. Found a store in
Perry that sells sealant, so we've driven in. He also has some "goop" to
re-attach the soles of my boots. Didn't I mention that the boots were
delaminating? Hope the stuff will re-seat the loose areas. The owner of the
sporting good store has called the reporter next door and I'm going to be in
the Perry Newspaper. Back to J.R.'s Store to meet next two partners and bid
"Adieu" to the last. Time to re-seal my tent. Found out it may rain, so
we're spending the night in a mobile home with washer and dryer! Thank you,
Lord. Time to wash, dry, shower, repair items, "goop" my shoes and
eat-eat-eat. 9:30PM has come soon.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.

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