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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 19 - 3/9 to 3/10

Florida Trail Journal - Section 19

Beginning: Withlacoochee River Bridge, SR 141

End: SR 53 (Gilman-Foley formerly Buckeye Property)

Total Mileage: 17.7 Miles (Without Diversionary Loops)

Conditions: No supplies or services in Ellaville, but it is an interesting
Historical Area indicative of early Florida settlements. The area at the
juncture of Sections 18 and 19 can be confusing as one might not realize
that no supplies or services are available at Ellaville. Detailed State Park
maps are available at Park Headquarters. There are quite a few blue blazed
loop trails and new campsites. Decide whether you are hiking through or
doing some diversionary loop hiking.


Thursday March 9, 2000

Up later, I'm not going anywhere. Small fire, heat water for coffee and sit
and stay warm. Have chores today: repairs, etc. and wait for next food drop
and partner. We decided to get going this PM and left around 3PM. We have
stopped on the Bluff over the river at a picnic table. Saw a black snake on
the way. Pleasant day, HEAVY pack with 6 days of food and water. As evening
approached we watched fish jump completely out of the water. Nice little
fire and in by 8:30PM. I-10 road noise.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.


Friday March 10, 2000

Up at 5:30 AM, very foggy. Leaving some dampness in the tent and things left
of the table. Off by 7:30 toward the road noise. This trail parallels I-10
for about a mile, crosses I-10 and after a road walk goes into the woods. My
favorite "style of stile". Nice walk, good blazing. Ran into a nasty fire
break. I think it is very new as the ground is uneven and soft. Stopped for
a break at the first picnic area, got water and rested. On to the road walk
again. Saw a black racer cross in front of us. The next picnic area is lunch
and water for the next campsite and on into the next day. Not sure if there
is water in the "Lake" near the campsite. Scared up a turkey on the sand
road after another firebreak with slow tedious walking. The day wears on and
the load is heavy. We're in camp by 4PM. Need our rest. Drink and rest and
eat. Decided to look for water, but haven't found any. Have to wait until
sometime tomorrow. Scared up 4 more turkeys. Saw the marks on the sand road
that looked like a large snake had crossed. Getting dark, small nice fire
and bed.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Friday, April 14, 2000.

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