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Re: [ft-l] Fw: trail report

To one and all,

Ed Wolcott is the section leader for this section, and he should be the one 
to contact the landowner.  He knows many of them and is probably best suited 
to try and work out an acceptable solution.  We currently have a pending 
agreement with PCA for a long stretch of the trail west of I-75.  I have 
been informed that they (PCA)are currently considering whether to keep or 
sell their property). If they keep it, we should have an agreement sometime 
next summer.  East of I-75 the future of the trail across private property 
is anyone's guess.  Any of these owners can force us to abandon the trail 
across their property whenever the spirit moves them.  All we can do is to 
try and work out some formal arrangement (we have nothing at present)as the 
opportunities present themselves.  The SRWMD is prepared to by their 
properties, but their acquisition program is limited to willing sellers.  
The WMD owns more land on the south side of the river, but it is not as 
scenic as the north side and most of it has a woods road along the bank.  We 
may have to establish the FNST here and try and keep the north bank trail as 
a connecting loop.  If anyone has any good alternatives, feel free to share 

Fred Schiller

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>Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 05:39:46 -0500
>From what I see on the map, and what the guys told me, it is in section
>18, east of I75 but before you get to White Springs.  I could tell you
>more, but it looks like page 139 and 140 are still in somebodys pack!  If
>I get going fast this morning, I might walk up that way.
>The landowner gave my son his telephone number (he has some modern
>conveniences) and I guess the best person to talk with him would be the
>president of the chapter that keeps that part of the trail up. What do
>you think?
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