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Re: [ft-l] Fw: trail report

The Chapter Trail Coordinator or Section Leader should probably take the
lead, but definately someone from the chapter should give the guy a call
soon so we appear responsive to his needs.  That whole section along the
Suwannee from I-75 to White Springs has a lot of private property on it.

We had a similar situation down in Cassia where the trail crossed private
property.  The landowner caught us when we were out doing maintainance and
ask us to move the trail off his property because trail bikes and ATV's were
using it at all hours of the day and night and bothering him.  After talking
with him for a while and explaining that the ATV's were using it illegally
and explaining what the FT was and how important his little stretch was in
the 1500 mile trail, he changed his mind about removing the trail and worked
with us to post some signs and keep some brush laid across the trail to keep
the ATV's down.  Sometimes they just don't know anything about the trail if
they buy the property from someone else and they just have to be sweet
talked a little.


> From what I see on the map, and what the guys told me, it is in section
> 18, east of I75 but before you get to White Springs.  I could tell you
> more, but it looks like page 139 and 140 are still in somebodys pack!  If
> I get going fast this morning, I might walk up that way.
> The landowner gave my son his telephone number (he has some modern
> conveniences) and I guess the best person to talk with him would be the
> president of the chapter that keeps that part of the trail up. What do
> you think?

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