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Re: [ft-l] Fw: trail report

I did get a chance to day hike a bit in the area yesterday and today.  My
first impression: Wow!!  This has got to be some of the finest section of
trail I have seen and although I am really new to hiking, the trail
seemed to be very well maintained with very easily read blazes and
markers. You guys in charge of that section are working hard!

I stayed at a rather rustic campground called American Canoe Adventures.
The campsite I had was very isolated and the price was right, $5.00 (no
hookups, chemical outhouse).  The FT crosses the campground property and
there is a creek with a breathtaking bridge. Could this be Swift Creek? 
About 1/4 mile toward I75, the trail is almost pushed into the river by a
new barbed wire fence.  I didn't see any people, but this could be very
difficult for a lot of people to hike with a pack as you have about 2
feet of sand and pine straw between you and the river.  I walked back
toward White Springs a good mile and didn't see any sign of fences
unusually close to the  water.

I also walked some near Sewanee Springs and the Spirit of the Sewanee
campground.  Again, spectacular views of the river and a wonderfully
maintained trail.

John Wakefield from Clay County
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