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Re: [ft-l] Going to Wekiwa Springs State Park

Deb Blick gave a good description.  I've never seen a panther there, but the 
park is (and the surrounding area) is supposed to have one of the highest 
concentrations (if any concentration is high) of Florida black bears.  
They're mighty shy, so you'll be lucky if you see one.  Hiking into Camp Cozy 
late one night (using the dirty road rather than the trail so we could get to 
camp before dark), we did see a bobcat.  He stopped in the road about 30 
yards ahead of us.  If you stay at Camp Cozy, you need to watch your food 
supplies--not bears, but very persistent racoons.  With us sitting on the 
campfire bench, bold little critter took the plastic bag with our dirty 
dishes and gallumped down the trail with it, spoons clattering against the 
cooking pot.  Jon ran after it, cursing in German.  Quite a sight!


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