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Re: [ft-l] Sandy's p38

Nope, Sandy, you're right.  The little can openers are called P-38's.  Army
designation.  Originally packaged with field rations.  If you don't carry a
knife with a can opener on it, the P-38's, available from army surplus type
stores and some camping supply stores, are a great thing to carry camping.
But they are so small, I suggest attaching a small, brightly colored cord.
I was always losing mine.

> well i THOUGHT it was a p-38 but it won't fly.  maybe it
> was a p-36 or a b-38.  anyway, it is a tiny can opener for
> backpacking.  and only for backpacking.  because it is a
> real pain in the uhhh.........can.
> Later....Sandy

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