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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

This is from John O who managed to get through:

I just got off the phone with Ginny and they are doing pretty good. I'll
list some of the things I remember from our phone call.
Jim has lost between 35-40 lbs and as Ginny put it boney.
The last 4 days hiking before they arrived in town they did 21, 24, 28, 32
miles and they don't want to do that again EVER. This was the low of the
trip for them. After the couple days off spirits are ready to get on
trail. Especially dealing with folks who run motel. We both had a good
laugh about the difficulty conversing with the owners. My funny story was
I called them at 8am there time today and spoke with owner. I asked him if
there was a way to have a meal send to there room? Telling him I was in NJ
and wanted to do something to bring a smile to their faces. He said no
problem at all and gave me the address Rawlins Motor Inn 905 West Spruce
Street Rawlins, WY 82301. I explained that I wanted him to deliver meal to
their room. He said no problem I'll deliver meal to room. I asked hopw
much will it cost and does he accept credit cards? He said no problem he
won't charge me anything. He said everthing taken care all is okay have a
good day goodbye. Wait are they up in room #9 do you know? Nobody in room
#9 nobody there. Are they out of room? Yes nobody in room at all. Thanks
for your help goodbye. After getting off phone I began to think the guy
was going to send a meal to room #9 and charge their account? When I told
Ginny the story she said the owner told them today some guy from NJ was
going to send them a meal tomorrow by mail. Well we both got a laugh from
that one.
Water was a problem what with sharing with all the cattle. One source had
a silverly green scum over the water and around the decaying cow in the water.
They tried several times to get access to internet for e-mail and were told
a hacker had gotten into Hotmail system. The person who had the internet
service wouldn't allow them to use his system. They will have internet
access in Steamboat Springs next Tuesday.
Next stop Steamboat Springs arriving on Tuesday
I gave them the 800 # for shoes
I asked what do you folks really want or need that you can't get. Ginny
said if anybody has a dehydrator they would love some fruits and vegtables.
So for the folks who can help out Kahley will be posting maildrops for the
next 3 months of there CDT adventure as she has been in the past.
They will be leaving in AM for the trail
They said all the restaurants are closed on weekends and the only place to
get breakfast was a mexican resstaurant. They asked for pancakes and were
told nope not on the menu. We got tacos, beans and the rest of the normal
Mexican menu.
I told folks have been trying to get through to them with no success.
That was about all I remember for now.
John O