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[CDT-L] Jim and Ginny

Well I don't know if they changed their minds and decided to head out
today or if the idiots at the motel have totally lost it.  Has anyone been 
able to
get thought to them today?
I had four folks e-me yesterday and relate various problems getting past 
the front desk.
And another this morning.
One person was told yesterday that the staff had never heard of them.  Yet
I called and talked to them last night in room number 9 .  This just 
I just called and was told' no one in room.'  But
I couldn't  find out if that meant they were only out or had left.

If anyone hears from them, please pass on that the only number I could find
for Vasque so far is for dealer info and brochures: 1-800-224-HIKE.  I
guess you are expected to deal with any problems via a dealer.  Thanks 
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