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[CDT-L] Update: Flight of the Spirit Eagle

Sorry for the delay, but things have been a bit bizarre around here.
Short version is we have had three flash floods in three weeks with
the most recent of yesterday a real doosie!  Readers of the Spiriteagle
network may have already received BJ's note...sorry..but scroll down
for some news from Ginny.

BJ writes:

Hi to all...
Got a very quick call from Jim and Ginny .... they are in Steamboat
Springs, Co at the Night's Rest Hotel... both are in fairly good
health and they seem to both be in GREAT spirits. There are a few
sore muscles and blistered toes (good fitting boots?)....
They couldn't talk long... had to do laundry and pig out at the local
eatery.... Jim says they are both looking very slim .... and both are
afraid to step on any scales....
Their environment has really changed since I talked to them last
week..... Desert to mountains in one week.... They both said they
have changed the dry desert, dehydration and the speeding
highway trucks for steep climbs, snow, thunderstorms and near
hypothermia. And, somehow, though all of this, they say they are
having a great time....
Jim expects to leave tomorrow and reach Grand Lake by
Sunday.... somehow, I think they are trying to catch up to their
original schedule.... only about a week behind right now... Think
that they will try to spend a couple days at Grand Lake for a rest
More as I get it...
Best to all.... Bill
Bill and Janet Owen

Ginny has e-mail at last!!!!!! And she writes:

Thanks too to those who wrote us and sent us goodies here in Steamboat. Our 
Liptons and oatmeal will taste much better with the addition of all the 
good mushrooms, cherries, canteloupe etc. We appreciate the kind thoughts 
most of all.
This has been a good week, all in all. We started with another roadwalk out 
of Rawlins, but without the killer semi's flying by. Saw a lot of antelope 
the second day - about 65 in two hours. The BLM has created a route to the 
Medicine Bow National Forest which has only one major problem - it ends on 
the west side of the Divide while the National Forest route ends on the 
east side - and ne'er the twain shall meet. We created a route, using the 
maps, that took us past a hunting camp, into someone's front yard, and into 
the middle of a stock corral. Oops. So much for respecting private property 
- but those were the only roads on the maps! We also discovered that there 
are a LOT of roads not shown on the maps. Once up on the Divide again, the
route was well signed, though it totally disagreed with the route shown on 
the maps - sigh! It was really nice to be back in the deep dark woods 
again, and with views of green hills and meadows and conifer forests (and 
masses of mushrooms!).
We followed an old (but still used) stock trail into Colorado. Boy, sheep 
do stink! The Routt Blowdown was a shock, even though we knew about it 
ahead of time. Imagine a ferocious wind that knocked down thousands of 
acres of trees! The devastation, even two years later, is impressive. Then 
we got to the best part of the week, the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness - an 
incredibly beautiful alpine area, with snowy peaks, grassy meadows and 
alpine wildflowers, sapphire lakes - awesome. The walking was easy and the 
views terrific - though the Labor Day crowds were a bit of a shock.
Did I mention that we had thunderstorms for the first 5 days, including 
several hail storms and about 10 minutes of snow flurries? Or the 40 mph 
winds that tried to blow us off Lost Ranger Peak?
Anyhow, health and spirits are good. The roadwalks are really discouraging, 
mentally and emotionally, but the high country makes up for them - almost.
One long one to go, just south of here. Pray for us. It feels good to be 
halfway there - whereever "there" may be. Autumn is here, and winter will 
soon be here. We saw our first yellow aspen leaves on the way into town, 
and have woken to frost on the tent and a frozen water filter and water bag 
several times.
Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny
Flight of the Spirit Eagle

That's all for now!

They expect to be in Grand Lake on the 13th
Grand Lake, CO 80447

And Silverthorn,  on the 18th or 19th
Silverthorn, CO 80498

Upcoming Drops and Stops:
Twin Lakes 81251
Salida, CO 81201 +Rest day
Lake City, CO 81235 +Rest day
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 +Rest day
Chama, NM 87520 +Rest day
Ghost Ranch Conference Center
      HC 77 Box 11
      Abiquiú, New Mexico 87510
       Resupply only?
Cuba, NM 87013 +Rest day
Grants, NM 87020 +Rest day
Pie Town 87827
Reserve 87830

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