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[CDT-L] Owens Flight of the Spirit eagle com system test alert

Hiya All,
Some of you I know and some I don't, so I should intro myself.
My name is Kahley and I am doing Jim and Ginny's maildrops.
Also I will be spreading word of their progress to you all.
I'm setting up a system to do this and in a few minutes,
I'll run a test message.
If you receive this note but not another message please let me know.
If you receive the test message more than once, and are_not_a
member of at-l or cdt-l, please let me know.
If you would like to receive updates at some other address,
let me know.  Thanks.

If I've done this right, after the test message,
you won't hear from me again until I have
news from the Owens.  All updates will be titled

Update:  Flight of the Spirit Eagle

if you are setting any filters.  Thanks   Kahley

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