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[CDT-L] Flight of the Spirit eagle

This is gonna be a mass mailing - first, to give our CDT thruhike maildrop schedule to those who have expressed an interest, second to
let you know that unless you tell her to take you off, you're on our list of people to be notified when we check in with Kahley.  And third, to let you know that this email address is now our only one - the computer at home is packed and ready to go to storage tonight.  and lastly, to wish you all a great summer.  We expect ours to be so.

So--- let's try this thing - I think I may only have one shot at this so it had better be good.

	Mail Drop schedule (tentative)
May 30	Warm Springs/Anaconda start (heading north)

June 3	FrontierTown - mail drop

June 7	Lincoln MT 59639			Rest day?

June 12	c/o Benchmark Wilderness Lodge
	1 Benchmark Road
	Augusta MT 59410
	(No mail, resupply only)

June 20	East Glacier, MT 59434		+Rest day

June 29	Anaconda, MT 59711		Travel from Waterton to Butte, Rest day
						(Head south)

July 5	Wisdom, MT 59761			+Rest day

July 14	Leadore, ID 83464

July 24	Macks Inn, ID 83433		+Rest day?

July 28	Old Faithful Post Office, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 (Maybe?)

August 3	Cowboy Village Resort-Togwotee
	Highway 26-287
         	Moran, WY 83013
	(resupply only)

August 11	c/o Big Sandy Lodge
	#8 Spotted Tail Circle
	Rock Springs, WY 82901
	(Resupply only)

August 14	c/o Atlantic City Mercantile
	100 E. Main St.
	Atlantic City Wy 82520
	(Resupply only)

August 22	Rawlins, WY 82301			+Rest day

Aug.  31 	Steamboat Springs, CO 80477	+Rest day

Sept.  7	Grand Lake, CO 80447 		+Rest day (Labor Day weekend?)

Sept.  13	Silverthorn, CO 80498

Sept.  18	Twin Lakes 81251

Sept.  23	Salida, CO 81201		+Rest day

Sept.  30 	Lake City, CO 81235	+Rest day

Oct.  9	Pagosa Springs, CO 81147	+Rest day

Oct.  15	Chama, NM 87520		+Rest day

Oct.  21	Ghost Ranch Conference Center
	HC 77 Box 11
	Abiquiú, New Mexico 87510
	Resupply only?

Oct.  24	Cuba, NM 87013		+Rest day

Nov. 1	Grants, NM 87020		+Rest day

Nov.  6	Pie Town 87827

Nov.  10	Reserve 87830

Nov.  20	c/o John Kramer
		Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
		HCR 68 Box 100
		Silver City NM 88061

Nov.  23	Deming, NM  88030		+Rest day

Nov.  27	Finish?

Nov.  25 	Thanksgiving

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