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Hello again to all.
Now on windows computer at the Carbon County Higher Education, where everything on hotmail works.  Some functions, such as address list, didn't go on the library's DOS-only computers.  So, I'll add a little more and get it sent to everyone.
Made it to Rawlins by road walking around snow in the Routt Nat. Forest.  The valley walks were beautiful, with water running everywhere, frogs croaking and crickets chirping.  Roads were bare and dry with some snowbanks roadside.  Steamboat Lake area, the Little Snake River and it's beautifully kept ranches and lush fields, the Medicine Bow Forest, and the hills south of Rawlins were very pleasant to walk through; I didn't miss the snow one darned bit.  Saw elk every morning and antelope on the open hills; and a solitary crane and sandpipers (at least they looked and acted like them).

Heading out for South Pass City tomorrow a.m., despite predictions of thundershowers.  Will walk the newly designated, official route along the east and north sides of the Great Divide Basin.  The BLM office in Rawlins has a copy of the route as described in the "Decision Record".  The GPS navigator may be helpful on this new, unmarked trail and roads.
Routing afterward depends on getting some more snow info.  Since I don't want to bypass the Wind River Range, I'm leaning towards doing CO, either north from Durango, or south from Rabbit Ears Pass (US Hwy 40).  Carl Begeal will be biking around the Colorado Trail near Durango this weekend and promises a full report on snow conditions.  I may have to lay off for 1-2 weeks, in which case, I may come home for a few days.  Will let you know.

Further notes on New Mexico.  The nights were cold, usually between 25 and 35 degrees F at 6 a.m.; the coldest was 20 degrees F.  The air was always dry, so the cold wasn't bad except for the mornings when the wind was already blowing.  I believe that the friendliness of people in NM was genuine and related to the fact that they did not have a lot of other "things" and hordes of people cluttering up their lives.

Hope this finds all well.


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