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Re: [CDT-L] Snow Updates

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<< Now, I have a question for those in the know about the southern part of the
 trail. Where would a north-bound thru hiker most likely run into snow?
 Northern Arizona or Colorado? I'm trying to pick a few snow sensors to
 monitor in the southern section also.

I can't find the right station for Steamboat Springs CO -- the best I could
come up with is Divide Peak WY.  Going south from there, the ones to monitor
are Willow Creek Pass, Berthoud Summit, Copper Mountain, Slumgullion, Wolf
Creek Summit, and Cumbres Trestle (with something between Copper Mountain and
Slumgullion if we can find the right location).  

In New Mexico, I couldn' t find a good station for Mount Taylor.  Farther
south, both Lookout Mountain and Signal Peak are good stations.

Jim Wolf

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