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Re: [CDT-L] Snow Updates

Mark Dixon wrote:
> So here's my question again. Where would a north-bound thru hiker most
> likely run into snow? Or to re-word this, in a normal year where along the
> trail would one expect to first encounter snow, in northern New Mexico or
> southern Colorado? These 2 URL's are maps of snow sensors in these two states.
I think you will have snow in southern New Mexico in the Gila. The
mountains there are 9000-10000' - the official trail follows the ridge,
and the alternatives follow the river basins, so snow melt is a factor
until mid-May. If you can find something between Silver City and Reserve
it would be very helpful. Mt. Taylor near Grants is also 10000' and has
snow until May, I think. San Pedro Parks just northeast of Cuba also has
snow early in the season.  

Colorado is where you run into the non-stop snow. There is probably a
snow sensor at Wolf Creek Pass, since they are supposed to have the most
snow in Colorado. Snow doesn't normally melt there until early July.  

Thanks for your efforts. We will be using the snow pages.
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