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Re: [CDT-L] Hiking insurance

Earl Needham wrote:
> At 12:08 PM 8/12/98 -0700, James Lofton wrote:
> <SNIP>
> >        Some mountain rescue groups and  law enforcement agencies will
> >charge victims for out of pocket expenses incurred in a rescue.  A good
> >way around this problem is the purchase of  'Hikers Insurance'.  A one
> >year 'policy' costs $1.00 and is available at any store selling hunting
> >/ fishing licenses.  If you have this years hunting / fishing license
> >then you already have the equivalent of  Hikers Insurance.  Proceeds
> >from the funds generated by the sale of certificates will compensate the
> >rescue group if you have to be evacuated.  I personally know several
> >people who have benefited by having this certificate.  A 5 year version
> >costs $5.00
>         James, is this available everywhere?  If not, what state(s) is this for?
>         Earl

Whooops! Sorry about that. The state was Colorado. The above was mention 
in a discussion about a coming event...(see below)There was a possibility 
in this case that there might be some that wouldn't have proper knowledge 
of high altitude problems or mountaineering skills.
I don't know about other states. I would guess each area has its own 



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