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[CDT-L] Hiking insurance

On anouther list there was some talk about rescue and cost. This was 
posted and I found it interesting, as I never heard of such a thing.
For your info.


        Some mountain rescue groups and  law enforcement agencies will
charge victims for out of pocket expenses incurred in a rescue.  A good
way around this problem is the purchase of  'Hikers Insurance'.  A one
year 'policy' costs $1.00 and is available at any store selling hunting
/ fishing licenses.  If you have this years hunting / fishing license
then you already have the equivalent of  Hikers Insurance.  Proceeds
from the funds generated by the sale of certificates will compensate the
rescue group if you have to be evacuated.  I personally know several
people who have benefited by having this certificate.  A 5 year version
costs $5.00

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