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Re: [CDT-L] List discussion

CABONSALL@aol.com wrote:
> In response to James Lofton...
> I think this would be a great place to discuss the pros & cons of various
> equipment on the CDT and the western mountain area in general.  The
> Appalachian Trail mail list has lots of equipment discussions, but there are
> different environments out here that are not addressed.
> One example is that I use the Sierra ZZ stove out here almost exclusively.
> However, back east on the AT many claim that there are times when there is no
> dry fuel handy.
> Another example seems to be the need for much more rain gear on the AT.
> Charlie Bonsall
> Utah

Hello Charlie, I had "lost" your note and just found it this morning. I
agree. This country calls for a differant approch and equipment most of
the time. "and packing TONS of water lots of the time!" :>( My water load
is sometimes more than the rest of my pack, many times.

I too have a little ZZ stove. I have only got to do some cook test here
at home but so far it has passed all with flying colors! I think mine
will be replacing my ageing 8R-jr on my longer trips. On two/three day
trips I will still take the little "vienna sausage can" stove. I've made
a stove out of a can that fits in a beer can that fits in an insulated
mug. The whole setup, stove/pot/lid/matches, complete with esbit tabs
only weighs 7.5ozs.

How long have you had your zip stove? Any problems with it or lessons
I was reading a story about a couple that took a 18 day trip into Canada.
On their planning list it showed 7 qts.(3.5 per leg) The little zip stove
would have saved them 15lbs of gear on that trip!!



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