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[cdt-l] RE: Special Film for Slides?

Hi Chris,

One option for more modern slide presentations definitely is to use a digit=
al camera.  You need to purchase or rent a projector which can connect to t=
he USB port of any PC, usually a laptop.  Then format your digital imagery =
into a presentation using Microsoft Power Point, or similar digital slide s=
how software.  Hardware is available on the market to allow you to project =
your computer desktop via a normal overhead projector, too.  It is a clear =
flat screen monitor, which also operates through your USB port, which you w=
ould lay on the surface of the overhead projector.  The clear flat screen m=
onitor becomes a changing overhead slide to show your computer's desktop on=
 a wall.  Either of these two hardware options may be a bit expensive to ob=
tain, but you may find them available to rent.  If you plan to do regular s=
lide shows, it may be a cheaper and more convenient option in the long run =
than investing in lots of special film and processing.  Also, with digital =
imagery you don't have to pay to develop bad photos.  Just some extra thoug=
hts for you.  Good luck.


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Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 00:32:04 EDT
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Subject: [cdt-l] Special Film for Slides?
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Hey Now,

Question that's not directly related to the CDT, my apologies but i don't w=
anna go ask around in a photography newsgroup or something since slide show=
s have been mentioned here twice recently - anyway... does one need special=
 film for slides?  It's my understanding that that used to be the case but =
is it nowadays?  This question may be considered dumb to some (excuse me fo=
r not being knowledgable about everything in the universe!) - can slides be=
 made if i'm using a digital camera?  I guess the pics would hafta be print=
ed then made into slides somehow or no, nope, not gonna happen, must use a =
35mm camera?  I'm thinkin' about being able to present some of my upcoming =
hikes with slides if the opportunity arises so your input to my wondering w=
ill be GREATLY appreciated and I thank you mucho!