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[cdt-l] Introduction, and comments on e-mail

Hi Everyone,

I've been long-distance hiking since 1997, when I first attempted an AT thr=
u-hike.  Since then I've completed the AT, along with an additional 600 mil=
es through New England done in the Winter, and two long hikes on the PCT, c=
ompleting all but the northern-most 180 miles.  I'm planning a thru-hike of=
 the CDT in 2004, with several friends from my 2000 and 2001 PCT hikes.  I'=
ve been lurking on the list since mid-summer last year, but haven't partici=
pated for two primary reasons.  First, I attempted to complete hiking Orego=
n and Washington last year, and wasn't doing e-mail from the Trail.  Second=
, in September I was called to active duty with the Air Force, and have bee=
n deployed to a forward location since then.  I do have sporadic access to =
the Internet, and do enjoy reading the list digests to gain information to =
help me begin planning my thru-hike.  Also, the messages others write allow=
 me to think about more pleasant pursuits than my current job.  Hopefully, =
I will be returning home soon, and can concentrate on actively planning and=
 doing training hikes.  I look forward to more actively participating on th=
e list.

One thing that concerns me is the possibility of good people leaving the li=
st because of not-so-goode's criminal behavior.  I am being quite literal w=
hen I use the term "criminal" when referring to Jeff, as statutes are in pl=
ace making spam and Denial Of Service attacks illegal.  Enforcement is diff=
icult, though.  Part of my military job as a computer/communications system=
s administrator is protecting our resources from cyber terrorism.  I can as=
sure you that providing the services this list offers while attempting to p=
rotect it from people like Jeff is very difficult.  The cost of equipment a=
nd manpower required is sometimes prohibitive and impractical, except in a =
national security environment.  I hope the list administration has the time=
 and inclination to pursue Jeff, legally.  I also hope that everyone on the=
 list continues to use and enjoy the list for it's intended purpose, and do=
esn't let Jeff's criminal behavior successfully serve its purpose.