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[cdt-l] Re: southbounders

a reply to jeff's note from tuesday:  this is mike elliott and i am in 
salmon.  the hiking thru the a-p wilderness was good, the bugs finally 
caught up with me.  to answer your question about how i got to twin lakes 
rd?  i hiked south from anaconda to the divide one hwy 243 (goes to wisdom) 
and followed a route around Grassy Mtn, then trail down to Mill Creek Rd 
which led to the upper basin, then xc over the pass and bushwacked west to 
the Isabelle Lake trail which i followed north to Twin Lakes.  yep, a bit 
foolish, thank Jon Ley for the recomendation :)  i was thinking in hindsight 
i should have hiked hwy1 west from anaconda but if you are saying that isn't 
as simple as it sounds maybe what i did was ok.  c'est la vie.

ciao, MikeE.

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