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[cdt-l] Re: southbounders

Hey Mike,

I must have missed you by about a day. I was doing the section from I15 
(Deer Lodge Pass) to Storm Lake, but I headed up the Tenmile drainage (just 
the other side of the divide from Mill Creek) then dropped down to Lake of 
the Isle (not Isabelle Lake as you noted) and Twin Lakes.

The people that have trouble finding the Twin Lake trail are often day 
hikers and may not have the route finding skills of a thruhiker.  And the 
trail is difficult to locate from the new logging roads, but maybe it has 
been signed recently. I just think there is a more direct route that is not 
shown on the map and it gets you off the highway sooner. Some weekend I'll 
try to get on the mountain bike and map out the new roads and see if the 
route is shorter.  For a northbounder, it is easy to describe - heading 
north from Twin Lakes, cross a new logging road after 1 1/2 miles and stay 
on the old jeep trail. After another mile, cross the same new logging road, 
which you can turn right (east) on and this will eventually take you to Hwy 
1. That was a couple of years ago and there maybe a few new roads since then.

The Storm Lake Road route is easy to find, but leaves you on the highway 
for an extra ~4 miles and the Storm Lake Road probably receives more traffic.


At 06:18 PM 7/18/02 +0000, you wrote:

>a reply to jeff's note from tuesday:  this is mike elliott and i am in 
>salmon.  the hiking thru the a-p wilderness was good, the bugs finally 
>caught up with me.  to answer your question about how i got to twin lakes 
>rd?  i hiked south from anaconda to the divide one hwy 243 (goes to 
>wisdom) and followed a route around Grassy Mtn, then trail down to Mill 
>Creek Rd which led to the upper basin, then xc over the pass and 
>bushwacked west to the Isabelle Lake trail which i followed north to Twin 
>Lakes.  yep, a bit foolish, thank Jon Ley for the recomendation :)  i was 
>thinking in hindsight i should have hiked hwy1 west from anaconda but if 
>you are saying that isn't as simple as it sounds maybe what i did was 
>ok.  c'est la vie.
>ciao, MikeE.
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