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[cdt-l] Border Trivia

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 As a lowly section hiker of the CDT , I did get the thrill of thumbing back
to the states from Waterton. I finished the last 5 days with PA Jeff and Jen
along with Amigo this year. Jen had her Dad meet her at Border, but Jeff
Amigo and I thumbed. This great looking Red Head ranger gal fell for Amigo's
charm and gave us a ride to border. At border ( We looked like Manson
Worshipers from the past!) the guard just happened to be from P.A. and him
and Jeff just talked about stuff from back home. He looked at our drivers
licenses and said take care. ( Easy as pie) Meanwhile a van of hippie gals
sat outside the office puffing away on cigs as everything they owned was
dismantled. In fact last week, we went to Vancover for daughter's Irish dance
contest and had a harder time crossing back. ( They said we needed our birth
cert.)  This was scary as we smugged 2 bottles of 222 codeine aspin across
for my moms bad hip. ( I think she just likes the mellow buzz!!)3
     Sounds like the N.M. guards just have a big case of " Badge-I-Dess" or
slow day. Not many terrorist like using hiking poles. You would think they
would be street wise enough by now to tell a thru-hiker when they see them!!!
If not our country IS IN TROUBLE!!