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[cdt-l] Petroglyph quad maps

Imagine you're Cro-Magnon man for a minute. Myself, I might already be.
Anyway, club in hand, and all historical inaccuracies aside, you walk along
the Continental Divide, naturally oblivious to any notion of it since you
have no maps, no satellites images to ponder, no fanfolding streams of
hydrologic data over which to pore, and no sense of absolute trust in the
scientific community's assertion that the Divide exists where and as they
claim, since science, itself a construct, has not yet been invented. You, oh
slackjawed bearded one, are blissfully ignorant but to the physical world
around you. Lucky you.

It's raining. Suddenly the sun breaks free of the clouds and you see a
rainbow in the sky. To this you react - automatically and absolutely,
whether consciously or not, by the physical constructs within you: brain to
eyes, eyes to brain, out through the nervous system and back again. You see
it. You feel the rainbow. Its ephemeral prismatically stratified hues fire
your weak little primordial grey matter into momentary frenzy and funk.
Whoa! Huh?

Is that rainbow real? Real enough for me, city boy.

But back to the cave I go...
- blisterfree