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[cdt-l] Mt Zirkel fires

As of Sunday morning, August 18, the whole southern half of the Zirkel
is closed. I am logged on from Steamboat Springs, having been forced
off the trail at Buffalo Pass ( I am Northbound from Denver this
segment). The CDT trail (actually called the Wyoming trail 1101 in
these parts) is closed from just North of Buffalo Pass -at trail 1132-
to North of trail 1150. The size of the closures have doubled since
your update friday, Ginny.

It is very dry and hot on the trail here in Colorado. My plan is to
continue northbound wherever the Forest Service lets me back in. I'll
find out where that is in a few hours when I get up to Clark/Seedhouse.

I spotted 2 thru/section hikers from a distance in the area of Parkview
Mountain early last week. Other than that I've only seen day-hikers and
Forest Service people. I didn't expect this Colorado segment would be so
under-peopled. I quess I should be gratefu though.... I've had this huge
beautiful space all to myself for several weeks.

That's it from me....Off To Wyoming! ....Ps my great thanks to the
Owen's for the detailed Wyoming water report.

Caleb Ewing


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