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[cdt-l] Mt Zirkel fires

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I hiked from Buffalo Pass to Road 431 (461?) in Wyoming the last week of
July.  The last four and a half days I met no hikers, not a one.  I
talked to no one for four and a half days.  Longest lack of human
contact I've had backpacking...

Jeff Olson
Laramie Wyoming

"Calebe" wrote in message news:... >

As of Sunday morning, August 18, the whole southern half of the Zirkel >
is closed. I am logged on from Steamboat Springs, having been forced >
off the trail at Buffalo Pass ( I am Northbound from Denver this >
segment). The CDT trail (actually called the Wyoming trail 1101 in >
these parts) is closed from just North of Buffalo Pass -at trail 1132- >
to North of trail 1150. The size of the closures have doubled since >
your update friday, Ginny. > > It is very dry and hot on the trail here
in Colorado.