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[cdt-l] trail roster

Hey Earl and whoever else,

I met a lot of hikers planning to set out on the CDT next year. Is there any 
way (or does it already exist) to create a trail register on the CDT-L for 
prospective hikers seeking partners?

Also, I crossed Monarch Pass the other day. I remembered a register at the 
store on top, but nobody there knew anything about it when I inquired. Does 
anybody remember a CDT register being there in years past?

Winter has set in on the CDT at Monarch. It won't be long now before we're 
cruising the powder! If anybody is interested I am planning to tour some of 
the CDT with skis. I have a supermid with a functional and lightweight wood 
stove. Also, if anyone is keen for some hut trips drop me a line.

David Patterson

"White Root"

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