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[cdt-l] Re:Wemiinuche Details

10/16/01 12:08:14 PM, Buzz Burrell <buzz@dimensional.com> wrote:

> ... You could certainly go X-C over to the Lakes, or take
> the marked trails as shown on all maps.  Why you inquire
> is unclear ...

Thank you.

We could certainly end our journey (planned to start at Wolf Creek 
Pass) at Cunningham TH, as I am sure many do.  But, we asked 
ourselves, why drop down a deep canyon when there is so much more 
lovely ridge top land to traverse between Kite Lake and Silverton?  
Why travel north then west at the bottom of a canyon when we could 
travel northwest across some scenic mountains?  Why spend just a few 
hours hiking from Kite to the TH when we could have a whole additional 
day scouring the sky?

For us the obvious connection is from just north of Peak 12841, past 
an unnamed lake and through a small saddle down to the Highland Mary 
Lakes, but the one nearby marked trail (north of there) is steep, 
another south of there seems to traverse only part of the distance 
from the lakes to the CDT and -- as I mentioned -- I can't tell from 
the maps about terrain for that bit of X-C.  The dog doesn't do well 
on boulder fields (the chief concern), I don't do well on cliffs, and 
we didn't want to drop down to Cunningham TH just to have to climb the 
canyon wall to reach other trails to Silverton.  As I understand you 
to say the designated X-C is quite passable that is reassuring.

Again, thank you for your time.  If, in reading the above, I seem to 
have it all bollixed up, I'd sure appreciate another word, though.

Jeffrey Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California

"Start every day with a smile and get it over with."
W.C. Fields