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[cdt-l] Trailfest and Uniting ALong the Divide

Ginny and CDT list subscribers: Bruce Ward here from the CDTA. We felt the 
Uniting Along the Divide  II effort and TrailFest were extremely successful 
on many levels. Perhaps your dissatisfaction with our previous effort was due 
to a lack of understanding of what we are trying to do and how we are going 
about it.
Our organization has set a goal of completing the CDT by the year 2008, the 
30th anniversary of the trail's designation. In order to attain that goal we 
first had to know, to the degree possible, the present condition of the Trail 
and estimated cost to do the work necessary. The first Uniting Along the 
Divide effort utilized over 500 volunteers and enabled us to put together a 
detailed ten year plan and an approximate cost of $27million to complete it. 
We have successfully utilized that plan to prioritize projects, raise funds 
from individuals, private foundations and the federal government as well as 
increase the land management agencies' emphasis on the trail. 
Uniting Along the Divide II utilized a similar number of volunteers and 
helped us to assess the trail corridor - -the reason the trail was 
designated; the significant  natural, historic, cultural and geologic 
features along the trail. We believe this information will help us protect 
those precious aspects of the trail experience.
We do our best to help thru hikers, but I believe it is important to 
recognize that the Trail is for all Americans (and our visitors) and that as 
important as the best experience possible for thru-hikers is, the thousands 
of others who utilize the trail's component segments from Canada to Mexico 
deserve a trail that addresses their needs also.
We appreciate your interest in the CDT and look forward to hearing more from 
you and the other thruhikers who are trying to provide contructive input into 
the completion of this national treasure. God bless America and best wishes 
in your future trail experiences.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Ward
Continental Divide Trail Alliance 

PO Box 628  Pine, CO 80470
Phone: (303) 838-3760
Fax: (303) 838-3960
Email: CDNST@aol.com