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[cdt-l] Wanna win a Nomad?????

This isn't spam...just a lurker with some good news for anyone attending the
East Coast Gathering http://www.aldha.org/

Kurt of Nomad, http://www.wanderlustgear.com/ will be sponsoring a
raffle at the Gathering.  Proceeds will go to the Maine Rose fund to
remember Rosie for the help and inspiration she has been to so many people.

The fund is being administered by Maine Appalachian Trail Club
and will be used to fund AT Trail maintenance and projects.
The prizes are:
One Nomad Tent (not sure about the model yet)
One silnylon poncho
An assortment of silnylon stuff sacks

An excellent way to fund the Trail, remember Rosie and have
a chance at a GREAT deal on some primo gear.

Soooo look around for a chance to buy a couple tickets.
And have fun at the Gathering!!!!! 

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